Dream Funding Network Crowd Funding

4*4 Crowd Funding

Do you need funding for? A car , School Fees? Your Business , House? Paying off your Debts?

Dream Funding Network

DFN is a proudly South African Crowd Funding Stockvel Dream Funding Network is your solution, you can receive donations straight into your bank account, any day, anytime and any where you are. Dream Funding Network- Offers an opportunity to turn a once off fee of only R400 to over R420 000.

R400 R60,500 R420,000

half circle iconHow to be part of DFN

To be part of this amazing opportunity, you will need a once off of only R400. This R400 will be evenly distributed amongst four existing members of Dream Funding Network 1. Your sponsor =R100 2. Your sponsors sponsor =R100 3. Person introduced number 2=R100 4.The company = R100

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Pay Your Sponsors

When you have done all your payments,Login to the system and click paid and they will confirm on the other side when money reflects on their bank account

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After Paying Sponsors

Your link will now look like this (i) Yourself👩🏽 (ii)Your sponsor 👤 (iii)Your sponsor's sponsor (iv)The company👤

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Payment to Upliner

Level 1 (i) Yourself = R400 (ii)Your sponsor =R400 (iii)Your sponsors sponsor =R400 (iv)The company= R400 You and your sponsors will make 100% matching income of R400

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Now the R400 is back

When each of your 4 downliners share this opportunity with only 4 (basically repeating what you did) This will be your level 2 , your account will be number 2 on their link and you will be paid by 16 people Since 4x4=16pple ,Each person will pay R100

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